Agro-TRANZIT-invest, OOO

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Agro-TRANZIT-invest, OOO
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Grain terminal, OOO " agro-TRANZIT-invest” located in the industrial area South-East of the city Kherson on the Bank of the river Koshevaya (tributary of the Dnieper).

The company has at its disposal W/d branch berth, auto and railway weighing, paved driveways. 

Granary enterprises (vertical metal containers and warehouses outdoor storage) can simultaneously host up to 25 thousand tons of grain.


Terminal performs revision of incoming grain to the basic quality standards. Operates dryer and grain cleaning site.

Industrial-technological laboratory of the terminal is equipped with modern equipment and is accredited by the authorities of standardization and Metrology

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15.04.2024 08:25AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. sell
Soybeen meal
1000435 USDFCAГородок, Horodok District, Khmelnytsk Region.prodam-shrot-soevij-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268282
15.04.2024 08:25AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
Sunflower seed meal
1000180 USDFCAвся Україна, Ternopil District, Ternopil Region.kuplyu-shrot-sonyashnikovij--agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268280
15.04.2024 08:24AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
Wheat grade IV
2000130 USDFCAвся Україна, Brody District, Lviv Region.kuplyu-pshenitcya-4-klas-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268279
15.04.2024 08:24AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
Malting barley
2000165 USDFCAВся Україна, Хмельницкий District, Khmelnytsk Region.kuplyu-yachmin-pivovarenij-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268278
15.04.2024 08:24AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
2000127 USDFCAВся України, Brody District, Lviv Region.kuplyu-kukurudza-agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268331
15.04.2024 08:24AGRO BROKER FOP Cherkas R.S. buy
1000520 USDFCAВся Україна, Ternopil District, Ternopil Region.kuplyu-tcukor--agro-broker-fop-cherkas-rs-id268276
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