Eurolex-Ukraine LLC

Eurolex-Ukraine LLC

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Eurolex-Ukraine” Limited is one of the leading Ukrainian commodity's trading company. We operate from our head office in Kiev, Ukraine and supplying an agriculture and food products from Ukraine, Moldavia and Romania to Asia and Africa for more than 16 years. We also have a Trading House in Singapore from the Year 2004 and it is helps us to provide more security to our overseas clients and develop our business. Today, we have over 60 corporate customers in 18 countries, and they recognize the quality of our products and honesty of our relationships. The main products that we are strong and dealing with are: Corn, Corn grits and flour (crude and fine grinding), Corn fodder for animals; Wheat, Wheat flour; Sunflower seeds, Sunflower oil and Corn oil crude and refined (bulk and bottled); Puppy blue seeds; Cain food like pickles and marinades: tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, Garnish vegetables: green peace, corn, beans, spread Vegetable, Canned закусок, Sauces and spicy flavorings; and other. “Eurolex-Ukraine” Limited is a co-owner of 2 warehouses and modern mills in Central and North part of Ukraine, which allowed us to storage up to 200 000 mt of the seeds and process a Corn, Wheat and Sunflower seeds in volume up to 10 000 mt per month. Our production has been certified by ISO 22000:2005 in November, 2015. We provide hygienic, toxic safety certificates, radio-activity report etc. Our products free of GMO. Quality of the products and long term relationships with our clients is a key priority of our company.

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