In 2016 the national port facilities for transshipment of grain grew by 8.77 million tons

2016-12-22 13:37:50
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In 2016 the national port facilities for transshipment of grain grew by 8.77 million tons

in 2016 the capacity of grain terminals in Ukrainian ports increased by 8.77 million tone, in addition to the effect of the capacity for the simultaneous storage of 422 thousand tons of grain.


At the beginning of 2016 under construction there were 12 projects with a capacity of 37 million tons and cost $ 1 billion, and 24 projects were in the development stage. Some of them managed to finish in 2016.


Risoil Terminal in April, completed the second phase of construction of the grain terminal in the seaport of Ilyichevsk. Now its capacity is 1.5 million tons grain transshipment of 500 thousand tons of refined oil, 120 thousand tons of simultaneous storage of grain. Upon completion of the project its capacity will be 4.5 million tons, and transshipment of 1 mln. tons of oilseeds.


the Company "ST" in April at the port of Ilyichevsk has launched the second subnotevertible machine with capacity of 1200 t/h, than increased the transshipment capacity from 1 to 3.5 million tons a year.


the Ukrainian "daughter" of the Corporation COFCO opened in may in Nikolaev port terminal with capacity of 2.5 million tons, where you can store 136 thousand tons of grain. The project cost $ 75 million. Unloading station is designed to accommodate 120 cars and 120 vehicles per day, allowing daily make 10 thousand tons and to let go of 20 thousand tons of grain.


the Company Bunge Ukraine opened in June in Nikolaev port production and transshipment complex $ 180 million $, which contains the oil extraction plant, terminals for transshipment of oil and grain. Capacity of the grain terminal is 3 million tons, which was enacted in 2011 increased by 750 thousand tons of grain and 500 tons of meal.


the Company TIS-Zerno built Europe's largest warehouse for floor storage of 120 thousand tons of grain and introduced a drying capacity of 120 t/hour. Built a platform for dealing with 800 cars capacity unloading station. The capacity of the terminal increased from 7 to 10 million tons of grain a year.


the Company "Ukrtransagro" opened in Mariupol warehouse for floor storage 2 thousand tons of grain and completes construction of the second composition with the capacity of 8 thousand tons. Reconstruction of the warehouses in the port of "Oktyabrsk" will allow to increase their capacity to 30 thousand tons.


in addition to new capacity that is reduced in sea ports of Ukraine, it should be noted the construction of river transshipment complex company NIBULON on the banks of the southern bug in the Mykolaiv region, where it can be stored 76 thousand tons of grains and oilseeds.