Grain prices recovering from a significant reduction

2016-07-14 14:20:11
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Grain prices recovering from a significant reduction

traders Reduced prices in anticipation of the "bearish" USDA report was too big and after assessing the balance of prices on the Chicago stock exchange began to rise.

This is especially true of soybeans, the price of which increased by 5% to 410 dollars on fears that even with the projected record production of 326 million tons of soybeans, the increase in consumption would lead to a shortage of supply.

Prices of wheat and maize increased by 1-2%.

In Ukraine, wheat prices have stopped falling and showed minimal growth to levels feed 130-135 dollars , wheat 138-140доларів SRT port.

The price of barley fell to the level 125-128 $/t on conditions CPT-port, but on the inside the elevators there was a growing demand and an increase in the purchase price of 3000 to 3100 3100грн-3300грн tone.

The rise in the price of soybeans will affect the price of rapeseed, which stopped the decline and grew by $ 5 to 375-385 $/ton. Processors also announced the first prices for the purchase of rapeseed at the level of 10200-10650грн CPT plant, which also gave support to the prices for the elevators, which reach 10300-10500 UAH/ton.

High productivity and the abundance of offerings led to lower prices by 5-10 dollars on peas to 270 dollars SRT port.