Following the oil price increases of the sunflower

2016-12-07 12:06:34
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Following the oil price increases of the sunflower

the rising cost of soybean oil on the world markets led to a rise in prices on the Ukrainian oil for 10-15 $/t, which resulted in higher prices of sunflower. Now its price on FOB rose to 780-790 $/t vs 760-770 $/t last week.


Prices of supply and demand for sunflower meal on FOB basis on the December supply consists of 180-190 $/t Domestic price of the meal are 4500-4800 UAH/ton.


Despite a record harvest of sunflower in the 13 million ton processing capacity are loaded only on 70%, which will increase competition between suppliers.


Highest price increase recorded in port Mesa, which offers 10900-11000 UAH/t, while processors from other regions suggest 10400-10600 UAH/t with delivery to the plant.


Exporters are offered in the port 10100-10300 UAH/ton.


linear elevators processors are willing to pay 10200-10300 UAH/t, but the sellers are not in a hurry to sell products on such terms, because they have the same price from buyers  .