What awaits Ukrainian producers of soybeans in the new season?

2016-07-14 13:22:33
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What awaits Ukrainian producers of soybeans in the new season?

In may 2016 Ukraine exported 213,8 thousand tons of soybeans, whereas in may 2015 the figure was 150 thousand tons. Despite the growth of export performance in the last three months, the overall outcome for the period September 2015 - may 2016 is 1941,5 thousand tons, and so far inferior record value of the previous season, when in the same period were exported 2092,3 thousand tons of soybeans.


the main importers of Ukrainian soybeans remain:

  • the Turkey – 737,5 thousand tons or 38%
  • the Egypt – 480 thousand tons = 24,7%,
  • the EU – 260 thousand tons = of 13.39%,
  • the Iran – 194,7 thousand tons = 10%.


After the reduction of the yield of soy in Brazil and Argentina export prices for oilseeds rose in the last 6 months for 330 $/ton to 400-410 $/t on conditions CPT-port. The demand for Ukrainian soybeans confirm the forward price for October transactions at the level of 390-400 $/ton.


Pakistan has increased imports of soybeans from 0.3 million tons in the season 2014/15 to 1.3 million tons in the season 2015/16. According to the forecast USDA attaché in season 2016/17 MG imports of soybeans will reach a record level of 2 million tons. This influenced the government's decision to leave the customs rate on the import of soybean meal in the amount of 21% to support local processors of oilseeds.


Due to reduced soybean crop in Brazil and the increase in its exports by 20% in the country may be a significant shortage of oil reserves at the end of the season 2015/16 will amount to only 0.45 million ton. Such a volume would be insufficient to provide weekly demand for soybeans. A shortage of soybeans in the domestic market of the country has affected the cost of production. In June prices rose by 50% in comparison with last year.