The agrarian Fund starts a project of stock trading wheat futures

2016-12-20 12:04:48
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The agrarian Fund starts a project of stock trading wheat futures

PJSC Agrarian Fund is working on a project of stock trading wheat futures, which will effectively raise funds from investors during a difficult situation with Bank loans, and to hedge risks - revealed the secret of the Chairman of the Board of the company A. Radchenko.


In General, the project will work as follows: the Agrarian Fund receives from the farmer forward and immediately peremejateisa from the buyer of the futures. Ultimately receives the difference – the arbitration except for their own expenses, which will consist of the cost of funds and some overhead costs.


As the head of the Agrarian Fund, the company negotiates the purchase of grain. The initial volume of wheat 2 and class 3 will be 200 million UAH. The approximate date the purchase will be for one year. Trade will be conducted on the platform of the Agrarian exchange.


this site is a principled position of the company. Because agriculture has a considerable specific share of the economy of the country, there is a need for the development of the state specialized agropyri.


the project Developers expect interest in the new tool by relevant market participants, who will best be able to concentrate export volumes on the stock exchange, and from financial investors.


"of Course, some of the participants will be the real buyers, the physical market that will come to certain agreements if they are to arrange delivery date, shipping point, and the like. However, more active trade will be the ones who carry out speculative transactions," - said Radchenko.