In SFGCU told about grandiose development plans

2016-11-01 12:17:49
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In SFGCU told about grandiose development plans

SFGCU plans to invest in construction and modernization of elevators and port terminals around 500 million dollars.


.. Chairman of the Board of the company O. G. told about major investment projects that will be carried out in cooperation with the Chinese Corporation its empty:


  • $ 25 million will be spent on reconstruction of Odessa grain terminal that will allow to refuse loading ships at anchor and make the grain of the PANAMAX class, reducing the freight cost.
  • 130 million $ set aside for the construction of new Elevator complexes in Vinnytsia and Kyiv regions with a capacity of 150 thousand tons and modernize the existing elevators and mills, to reduce production costs by almost 35%.
  • 135 million dollars will be directed to the construction of deepwater port Elevator, which will accommodate vessels with carrying capacity up to 100 thousand tons, and the reconstruction of berths. Thanks to this, the company will be able to ship to water transport up to 5 million tons of products per year.
  • More than 160 million $ will go to establish their own logistics structure, which will gain nearly 3,000 wagons for transportation of grain. This amount of rolling stock will provide the company's needs for shipping, to reduce transaction costs and to avoid dependence on Railways, which is now facing severe shortage of rail cars.


To ensure the effective implementation of the planned projects, participating in investment programs be representatives of the Chinese side. In addition, according to A. G., will be mobilized all available resources of the Corporation.


we Remind that PJSC SFGCU was established by the government of Ukraine in 2010. In its submission it has an extensive network of branches: mills, feed mills and cereal plants, linear and port elevators. Now the company can hold at once of 3.75 million tons of grain, including the total annual handling capacity of the Nikolaev and Odessa port is 2.5 million tons.