Prices for new crop grains continue significantly cheaper

2016-07-05 13:35:59
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Prices for new crop grains continue significantly cheaper

High productivity on the fields of USA, Ukraine and Russia continue to reduce prices for cereals.

Good weather allows you to actively move with the harvest company and show optimistic predictions for high gross yield of the same markets fell under pressure, especially for coarse grains.

Barley prices last week collapsed to $ 15 and set at the level of 130-132 dollars/ton delivered to the port, and feed wheat at about $ 10-12 to 138-140 dollars with delivery in ports of Ukraine.

Prices for food wheat in Ukrainian ports decreased by 5-8 dollars and was set at: wheat 2 class of $ 149-150, wheat 3 class, 144-145 dollars.

Hryvnia prices fell in a larger range, and the main reason for this delay in VAT refunds for exporters. According to DFS in June was offset by a 110 million USD. VAT compared to the 6-8 billion USD in the month before. Therefore, some exporters declare the purchase price of the hryvnia is generally not given a VAT refund the purchase price.


restore the price of soybeans in the United States to the level 415-418 $ supported prices for Ukrainian rapeseed, which is trading at $ 380-382 SRT port. The price of rapeseed in Europe has stabilized at a level 395-398 dollars a ton.
Prices for peas are at the level of $ 265-275 SRT ports and have not changed significantly over the last week.


a Decline in prices for corn on Chicago stock exchange has occurred after the release of the final report on crops in the U.S., which showed a significant increase in the area under maize. Estimation of gross yield of corn in the United States in 2016 increased to 366 million tons, 20 million tons higher than last year's result. The price of Ukrainian corn of the new harvest for the week fell by $ 15 to level 150 to 152 dollars.