Wheat in the US is expensive, but the EU and Ukraine is cheaper

2016-09-09 12:47:47
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Wheat in the US is expensive, but the EU and Ukraine is cheaper

on Thursday, the market for American wheat continued a gradual growth.


the Factors for this trend remain the same: waiting for the next USDA report, and hopes for a revival of the export demand for us wheat, which significantly lost in price, from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.


Such hopes already partially began to make excuses. There is information that recently purchased on the Algerian tender of the shipment of grain, the share of wheat from the United States.


wheat Quotations on the September agreements rose:

  • 0.64 $/ton to 138,52 $/tones of soft wheat SRW in Chicago
  • 2.85 $/tonne to 144,22 $/tone for hard wheat HRW in Kansas city
  • 1.19 $/ton to 181,88 $/tone for hard spring wheat HRS in Minneapolis.


the Agency FranceAgrimer has improved the assessment of quality of French wheat. Now 24% of the grains have a specific gravity equal to or greater in 76 kg/HL, whereas previously there were 23%. Nearly 63% of French wheat have protein content of 12.5%.

  •  wheat on MATIF fell by € 3.00/tonne to € 145,25/tone or 163,73 $/ton.


due to the lack of export demand and the introduction of Egyptian MSG Ukrainian wheat in the list of grains that contains horns, domestic prices have fallen by 5-10 $/tn and currently are:


  • feed wheat 132-136 $/ton.
  • wheat 2 KL 146-148 $/ton,
  • wheat 3 CL 142-143 $/ton,