The crops in some places are in bad condition

2016-11-16 12:18:29
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The crops in some places are in bad condition

this Year's winter rapeseed sown 803 hectares, or 111% of the planned sowing of 724 thousand hectares. However, almost 10% of crops germination of rapeseed is still not received.


On the germination of winter rape was affected by excessive precipitation in some regions of the country, and significant differences in air temperature.p>


Weather conditions for normal growing season formed ambiguous. Fluctuations in temperatures and strong soil moisture in the Western regions have adverse effect. Somewhere on the sidelines of the observed ice cover. On the other hand, the layer of snow that fell on the weekend, will protect the crops from frost in the coming days. As at 14.11.16 in the North-Western regions of the country the snow depth was 4-40.


Prices for rapeseed on the MATIF remain at the level of 392,5 EUR/ton, but due to the depreciation of the Euro price in dollars dropped to 420,17 $/ton. The price of Ukrainian rapeseed also fell to $400-405 or 12000 UAH/t with delivery to the port. Almost all traders closed purchase program in connection with absence of offers for sale.