Weather on all continents contributes to the formation of a good harvest

2020-02-14 12:08:13
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Weather on all continents contributes to the formation of a good harvest

Traders are closely watching the weather in main countries-producers of grain, to assess its impact on future yields.


Favorable precipitation in South America, Australia, India and China in recent months have formed the prerequisites for a good harvest. Warm winter in the EU, Ukraine and Russia have improved as weak plants, winter crops, although in some regions is the deficit of moisture.


In the Central and southern U.S. Plains is expected to decline temperatures with precipitation as rain and snow, which will absorb the moisture in the soil.


In the Northern plains for another week would be dominated by the cold air, and then temperatures will be above normal.


Brazil weather with little rainfall facilitates the gathering of soybeans. Powerful showers and thunderstorms will be held in the Central and Northern regions, whereas in the North-East moisture deficit may reduce the yield potential of soybeans. Precipitation will slightly delay the harvest of soybeans, however, will create favorable conditions for planting corn and the second crop of cotton.


In Argentina, this season the weather is more arid than in Brazil, but the next decade of moderate rainfall on a background of low temperature will contribute to the development of soybeans and corn. The lack of rainfall in this period will increase concern about the fate of future crops.


After a short cold weather with snow and rain in Ukraine and Russia for at least 7-10 days returned with the warm weather that will allow an early start on the sowing of spring crops in the southern regions. The shortage of rain in some areas causes farmers to start sowing, while in winter the soil remains wet.


In South Africa, the rains have already passed and are expected to again contribute to the development of plants of corn and sugar cane.


In northwestern Africa warm weather and two-week the lack of rainfall raised concerns about the fate of the wheat harvest, which can significantly deteriorate if the rains do not take place in liblice two weeks.


In most parts of the EU the temperature remains above normal, against the background of a sufficient amount of precipitation contributes to the development of winter wheat and rapeseed.


In Australia, a powerful rainfall put out the fires and replenish the water supply in irrigation systems. But the rains came too late for most crops.


In India, heavy rains in recent months have formed a good potential for crops, so everything looks more realistic experts projected record wheat crop of 107 million tons compared to 103 million tons In the next 10 days of rain don't expect, however, the water supplies sufficient, and the grain crops are in good condition.


In China in winter and autumn in regions of winter wheat production was a significant amount of rain, which formed a sufficient for a good harvest moisture reserves.