The national Bank returned the hryvnia exchange rate up to 28 UAH/$

2018-12-06 12:06:27
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The national Bank returned the hryvnia exchange rate up to 28 UAH/$

the national Bank on time and professionally responded to speculative leap of the exchange rate caused by the introduction of martial law, and within weeks was able to return it to the old values.


To support the hryvnia, the NBU at the end of November, he has sold 125 million $, of which 50 125 m $ - method foreign exchange interventions with choosing the best rate.


In November, the reserves of the NBU increased by 974,5 $ million or 5.8% to 17,711 billion $ due to the purchase of foreign currency on the interbank market (232,8 million $) and funds which have attracted the government.


the Government received 82,9 $ million from the sale of government bonds and 2000 $ million from the placement of Eurobonds. The proceeds from the sale of securities exceeded payments on the national debt.


Payments to IMF amounted to 439,1 million dollars (equivalent), and the repayment and debt service were transferred 238,2 million $, of which 149,1 million $ in government bonds and 18.5 million dollars for Eurobonds.


Due to the receipt of proceeds from the sale of agricultural and metallurgical products, the supply of the currency in November exceeded the demand. Due to this, the national Bank purchased on the interbank market 357,8 million $, of which 76,7 million dollars by selecting the best prices, without changing the dynamics of the exchange rate due to fundamental factors.


the volume of gold reserves was affected by the increase in the value of financial instruments (change in market value and exchange rate of the hryvnia relative to other currencies) in the amount equivalent to 50.4 million dollars.


on Wednesday, the interbank rate fell below the psychological mark of 28 UAH/$. The national Bank "anonymously" bought about 15-25 million $ 27,97 UAH/$ and stopped further subsidence rate.


the Cash rate also stabiliziruemost. Banks and banks are buying currency from the population cheaper 28 UAH/$ to hedge against further depreciation.